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If you love the feeling of being in France but not leaving your own backyard you will love Un Jour En France an eclectic mix of French Antiques.

Time Traveling

There is something for everyone in Un Jour En France, and Isabelle Martin who grew up just outside Lyon, France will welcome you with a story to tell. Her love of the American West brought her to Cave Creek, where she can share her enormous collection of French pieces.


For those who are avid collectors, to those who want an entrée into the antique world, this will be the find of a lifetime.


Each item has its own story and contains a bit of French history, a piece of heart, a fragment of soul, a part of someone’s life.


We operate in an industry where experience is essential and in which there is no room for improvisation. Indeed, the authenticity and remarkably preserved condition of each item assures the best investment for the antique collectors and home designers.

About Us

Isabelle and her husband Richard has been avid collectors, scouring the countryside of France for the best furnishings and mementos.